I live on the top floor of a condo.

Every day someone is playing unknown and annoying songs on the piano somewhere else in the condo, for everyone to hear. 

But today they are playing let it go. 


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For Pre22f1 because their godtier design is very nice

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Yes i actually did enter :D Vote for it here please~!


Yes i actually did enter :D Vote for it here please~!

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ahhhhhhh thank you all for following me ;v;

I’ll start to be more active next week, or maybe later in the week depending on how my work goes o/

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pre22f1 reblogged your photo and added:
[[ oi im pretty sure i wasnt drooling. ]]

are you sure~? I couldnt tell~~~ the photo was of your back~~~~~ 83

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another strange 413 (412) photo I have is Vriska petting cat!sollux, though she appears to be mind controlling him. 

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i actually have a photograph that looks something like this. 

412/413 was a great :3 

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Happy 4/13, you grey skin weirdos.
—(via paigeisacat)
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